Black Hat Ruby

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What's this about?

Black Hat Ruby is the commercial edition of Rubyfu. The book contains many new topics and solving a lot of real-world challenges with detailed explanations targeting professionals.

The primary goal of Black Hat Ruby book is to provide you with a vast angle of using Ruby as an information security professional in an offensive manner. The book meant to help you with weaponizing Ruby language in various offensive scenarios whether you are testing web applications, networks, systems, or exploit development to carve your ideas into working and achieving code.

Another intended goal of the book is to route you to the code that achieves your goal in the shortest time. This book is aimed at security researchers, security consultants, penetration testers, red teamers, or any professional who is interested in writing offensive Code.

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Sabri Saleh Hassanyah

Hacker and RedTeamer | Author of Black Hat Ruby ( & @Rubyfu | MCITP-EA, CCNA, RHCE, CEH, OSCP, GWAPT, OSCE | #Familist