Modern Front-End Development for Rails, Second Edition

by Noel Rappin

Rails 5 Test Prescriptions

by Noel Rappin

Modern Front-End Development for Rails, First Edition

by Noel Rappin

The Complete Guide to Rails Testing

by Jason Swett

Deployment from Scratch

by Josef Strzibny

Ruby on Rails: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learn Ruby on Rails Step by Step

by Max Beerbohm, Moaml Mohmmed

Eloquent Ruby

by Russ Olsen

Design Patterns in Ruby

by Russ Olsen

99 Bottles of OOP

by Sandi Metz

Practical Object-Oriented Design (POODR)

by Sandi Metz

Head First Ruby

by Jay McGavren

Programming Ruby 1.9 & 2.0

by Chad Fowler

Rails Recipes

by Chad Fowler

Learn Enough Ruby

by Michael Hartl

Effective Testing with RSpec 3

by Myron Marston, Erin Dees

Ruby on Rails Notes for Professionals book

by GoalKicker Books

The Rails 5 Way

by Obie Fernandez

Ruby Is For Fun

by Roman Pushkin

Ruby one-liners cookbook

by Sundeep Agarwal

Ruby Regexp

by Sundeep Agarwal

Sustainable Web Development

by David B. Copeland

Agile Web Development with Rails 6

by David B. Copeland, Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial

by Michael Hartl

The Minitest Cookbook

by Chris Kottom

Developing Rails API Application

by Chris Kottom

Maintainable Rails

by Ryan Bigg

A walkthrough for Toy Robot

by Ryan Bigg

Multitenancy with Rails

by Ryan Bigg

Active Rails

by Kieran Andrews, Rebecca Le, Robin Klaus, Ryan Bigg

The Complete Guide to Rails Performance

by Nate Berkopec

Hotwired ATS: Modern, full-stack Rails 7 development

by David Colby

Learn Ruby on Rails Book

by BigBinary

I love ruby

by Karthikeyan A K