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Screencasts about Ruby and Ruby on Rails

If you're looking for some helpful resources on learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails development, I recommend checking out some screencast tutorials. There's a lot of great information out there that can help you get started and become a better developer. Happy learning!

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Go Rails

Screencast tutorials to help you learn Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Hotwire, Turbo, Stimulus.js, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ubuntu, and more.

Hanami Mastery

Screencasts and articles about Hanami framework


If you're looking to improve your Ruby and Rails skills, Graceful.Dev is a great resource. They offer informative screencasts and courses, produced by Avdi Grimm, author of many tutorials and a couple of great books. New screencasts are posted regularly, so there's always something new to learn.

Drifting Ruby

Growing library of targeted topics on Ruby on Rails, StimulusJS, Javascript libraries and more!

Rapid Ruby

If you’re looking to learn more about building modern Rails apps using Hotwire and Tailwind CSS there’s plenty of fresh content focussed on those topics here.