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Ruby Magic

"In our Ruby Magic email series, we share tips & tricks about performance optimization, monitoring, and observability for your Ruby apps."

Maintainable Rails

What this newsletter is about: 
  • Guidance on tangible approaches to software challenges
  • Tips on maintaining a stable, secure and healthy Rails app
  • Advice on getting past problems associated with technical debt and legacy code
  • Real-world practice (sometimes even a little bit of homework!)

Kevin Murphy Newsletter

About Ruby, Rails, and general software development topics monthly.

Ruby Biscuit - La newsletter Ruby on Rails française [FR]

Derrière ces envois de biscuits de ruby il y a une agence web spécialisée en Ruby on Rails : Capsens

Chez Capsens nous développons des projets pour nos clients depuis 10 ans : startups, PME, banques, …

Pour être plus précis c’est Mélanie chez Capsens qui s’occupe de cette newsletter : ligne éditoriale, idées, rédaction, et surtout mobilisation des personnes qui ont des choses à nous apprendre : les rédacteurs.

Rails Tricks Newsletter

Learn a new Rails Trick every week!

I will send you one Rails/Ruby and one general trick every week!


I write about web design & development, particularly on topics like Ruby on Rails, Hotwire, and Tailwind.

Weekly tips and articles for Ruby on Rails developers

I send an email each week, trying to share knowledge and fixes to common problems and struggles for ruby on rails developers

Weekly bookmarks

Weekly newsletter of bookmarks

Fullstack Ruby

Join nearly 250 fullstack Ruby developers and subscribe to receive a timely tip you can apply directly to your Ruby site or application each week

Women On Rails Newsletter

We are a bi-monthly newsletter for Ruby on Rails developers and anyone interested by Ruby and its framework, Rails. Available in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Nikola Đuza's Newsletter

Helps developers improve their productivity by sharing pragmatic advice & applicable knowledge on JavaScript and Ruby.

Jonathan Rochkind's Newsletter

About digital library services, ruby, and web development.

Noah Gibbs's Newsletter

Subscribe to get free ebook chapters and an emailed coding class now, plus videos and articles a few times a month.

Emmanuel Hayford’s Newsletter

I share Ruby, Rails and web development tips

Jemma’s Newsletter

I’m a backend software engineer, mainly working in Ruby. I also write, podcast and speak about software development.

Richard Schneema’s Newsletter

Join thousands of developers who get new code, writing, and programming links from me delivered to their inboxes.

Ana Nunes da Silva

A once-per-month email with the latest blog posts, code tips and current readings and projects.

Hotwiring Rails

Hotwiring Rails is a once-monthly newsletter curating the latest content on Rails, Hotwire, and other things you might find interesting.


We write about Ruby on Rails, React.js, React Native, remote work, open source, engineering & design.


Share your email so Arkency can send you stories about everyday struggles and solutions for building maintainable Rails apps.

Ruby Articles

Written by thoughtbot, experienced designers and developers who turn your idea into the right product


The #1 Rails performance blog on the web

Code with Jason

Lessons on Rails testing and other relevant programming topics

Boring Rails

Learn about the boring tools and practices used by Basecamp, GitHub, and Shopify to keep you as happy and productive as the day you typed rails new


We offer a free, weekly, hands-on tutorial every week

This Week in Rails

The official Ruby on Rails newsletter

One Ruby Thing

An email newsletter, with one Ruby/Rails technique delivered with a ‘why?’ and a ‘how?’ every two weeks.

Ruby Radar

A weekly, hand-curated Ruby newsletter showcasing articles, videos, gems, and more

Awesome Ruby Newsletter

A weekly overview of the most popular Ruby news, articles and projects

Ruby Weekly

A free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Ruby news and articles.

⚡️ Hotwire dev newsletter

Turbo (Native), Stimulus, and Strada articles, code, courses, and more. Plus, exclusive insights into how I build Turbo Native apps.

Short Ruby Learnings

Weekly Newsletter with Short Tips and Tricks from Twitter