Clean Ruby

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What's this about?

Learn how to make better decisions and write cleaner Ruby code. This book shows you how to avoid messy code that is hard to test and which cripples productivity. Author Carleton DiLeo shares hard-learned lessons gained from years of experience across numerous codebases both large and small. Each chapter covers the topics you need to know to make better decisions and optimize your productivity. Many books will tell you how to do something; this book will tell you why you should do it. Start writing code you love. 

This book is written for Ruby developers. There is no need to learn a new language or translate concepts to Ruby.

You will:
  • Build better classes to help promote code reuse
  • Improve your decision making and make better, smarter choices
  • Identify bad code and fixed it
  • Create quality names for all of your variables, classes, and modules
  • Write better, concise classes
  • Improve the quality of your methods
  • Properly use modules
  • Clarify your Boolean logic
  • See when and how you refactor
  • Improve your understanding of TDD and write better tests