Geocoding on Rails

What's this about?

The human desire to acquire knowledge of the natural world has produced countless systems for aggregating, manipulating, and representing geospatial information. In recent years–now that we’re all generally agreed on the shape of the Earth–it has also produced a lot of software.

Working with geocoded data within the context of a web application can be tricky. While the availability of free and open-source libraries has greatly sim- plified the challenges of accurately geocoding data and performing meaningful analysis, there are still a plethora of decisions to be made before the first line of code is written: 

What tools should we use? Where should the business logic live? What’s the best way to write a test for this? And after the feature has been built, Is it fast enough?

Geocoding on Rails is a resource for developers seeking an object-oriented, test-driven approach to working with geocoded data within Rails applications. It is divided into four sections:

  1. Strategies for selecting an external geocoding service
  2. Application Development approaches for organizing your code as
  3. you’re developing features
  4. ImprovingApplicationPerformancewithcachingandothertechniques
  5. Testing techniques for your server- and client-side code

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