I love Ruby

What's this about?

Its been a long time since I started writing I Love Ruby. I first projected this book as a toy programming book, but not any more, this book is maturing into something serious. Possibly a book to be read by people who are serious about Ruby, hence this book is undergoing a dramatic change. 

This book is completely written in Asciidoc. Its been proof read from top to bottom. All its examples are worked for Ruby 2.5, and finally this book is appearing online, epub, pdf and print. I hope you enjoy learning Ruby.


Karthikeyan A K

I am Karthikeyan A K, from Chennai, India. I am a free thinker, like to challenge conventional thinking. I like to enjoy my life. Enjoyment for me is to eat biriyani along with exotic side dishes and to sleep. I don’t do anything else much.

As my profession goes, I am a Data Scientist and a Web Developer, I am running my own firm that helps businesses earn more with what they have, I help them market on various web channels to earn more money and devise marketing strategy. I am a Ruby programming Jedi and Ruby on Rails developer. I have written a books on Ruby called I Love Ruby.