Let's Make a Chatbot in Ruby!

What's this about?

Want to use your programming abilities to give your team superpowers?

Chatbots are the next level of development tooling. Instead of passive scripts and cron jobs, your automations can act as richly interactive and helpful members of your team.

Thinking of taking the plunge into into bot development? Let’s explore it together! Daniel Pritchett is the author of the book Build Chatbot Interactions, and I’m Avdi Grimm, host of the renowned RubyTapas screencast series. Together in this video series, we’ll take you from first steps to plugging your first bot into Slack, using the Lita framework.

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Avdi Grimm

I’ve been a professional developer for over twenty years. Over the course of my career I’ve worked on everything from aerospace embedded systems to enterprise web applications. I’m a consulting pair-programmer, the author of several popular Ruby programming books, and a recipient of the Ruby Hero award for service to the Ruby community. Since I’ve been been helping developers deepen their coding practice at Graceful.Dev (formerly RubyTapas.com).

I specialize in taking what I learn, synthesizing it, and sharing it in forms that are helpful to the team, the organization, and to the global community of developers. I’m particularly interested in building graceful systems: rich symmathesies of both people and software that have the capacity to accommodate and adapt to surprises.  My work encompasses talks, books, courses, screencasts, articles, newsletters, podcasts, pair-programming-as-a-service, consulting, and more.