Modern Front-End Development for Rails, Second Edition

What's this about?

Improve the user experience for your Rails app with rich, engaging client-side interactions. Learn to use the Rails 7 tools and simplify the complex JavaScript ecosystem. It’s easier than ever to build user interactions with Hotwire, Turbo, and Stimulus. You can add great front-end flair without much extra complication. Use React to build a more complex set of client-side features. Structure your code for different levels of client-side needs with these powerful options. Add to your toolkit today!

Rails 7 added a new set of default front-end building tools that are simpler to use and more robust than the previous defaults. This version of the book uses the jsbundling-rails gem and the esbuild library to manage JavaScript, the cssbundling-rails gem and Tailwind CSS to manage CSS, and the new Propshaft gem for asset management. Stimulus and Turbo have also upgraded and added a small number of new features.


Noel Rappin

Noel Rappin

A Staff Software Engineer at Chime Financial. 

Noel is the author of multiple technical books, including Modern CSS with Tailwind, Rails 5 Test Prescriptions and Programming Ruby 3.2