Quick Ruby Tricks

What's this about?

Quick Ruby Tricks is a collection of things I've learned building Ruby and Rails applications. You can learn a lot reading documentation, but sometimes it's hard to understand the practical applications of the knowledge. Connecting the dots between two different ideas can also be difficult. Trying to solve one problem can hide the solution to another. 

Quick Ruby Tricks is the product of years of application development and problem-solving in Ruby and Rails, across many versions. I want to bring what I've learned to all of you. This book is about connecting the dots. About digging through the interesting corners of Ruby and Rails and how we build these applications, and finding the hidden gems in the language and framework we all love to work with.

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Daniel Huckstep

I am a code mechanic near Annapolis Royal, NS, Canada.

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I enjoy good food, better wine, and mechanical watches. I work hard and play hard. I get the job done and get it done right the first time. I speak my mind and listen when others speak theirs.