Rebuilding Rails

What's this about?

With Rebuilding Rails you'll build a complete Ruby MVC framework from an empty directory. Your framework will be structured like Rails, using the same architecture and the same metaprogramming tricks. You'll learn the magic behind Rails. You'll finish each system and solidify your knowledge with structured exercises. And you'll get the gut-level understanding that only a framework builder has.

To be an expert, learn the fundamentals. Then you can pick up not just Rails, but any framework you want. Rebuilding Rails will show you the tricks and where to start reading the source code.

When you've built these systems, you get a sort of X-ray vision into the framework. You've had that before with code that you built for yourself. Wouldn't you like the same thing for Rails, Sinatra or your framework of choice?


Noah Gibbs

A well-known international conference speaker who has spoken at RubyConf, RailsConf, RubyKaigi and many more. Noah spent years as a principal engineer, tech lead, architect, Ruby Fellow and more. His work on Ruby performance appeared regularly for years in Ruby Weekly. He has extensive teaching and mentoring experience in Ruby and outside it.