The Ruby Way

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What's this about?

For more than a decade, Ruby developers have turned to The Ruby Way for reliable “how-to” guidance on effective Ruby programming. Now, Hal Fulton and André Arko have thoroughly updated this classic guide to cover new language enhancements and developers’ experiences through Ruby 2.1.

The new edition illuminates Ruby 2.1 through 400+ examples, each answering the question: “How do I do this in Ruby?” For each example, they present both a task description and realistic technical constraints. Next, they walk step-by-step through presenting one good solution, offering detailed explanations to promote deeper understanding.

Conveniently organized by topic, The Ruby Way, Third Edition makes it easier than ever to find the specific solution you want―and to write better code by reflecting Ruby’s unique philosophy and spirit.

You'll Learn


Hal Fulton

I have two degrees in computer science and thirty years of industry experience, as well as miscellaneous coursework in multidisciplinary fields.

I am expert in Ruby, but NOT proficient in "Ruby on Rails" nor in web development in general. At
present, I am honing my knowledge of Elixir.

André Arko

I founded Ruby Together, and I'm lead developer of Bundler. I co-authored The Ruby Way and built some other stuff, or you may have seen me speak.