Vue on Rails

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What's this about?

This book explores how to manage and understand priorities when working with Vue on Rails and how to determine the best configuration for your project. You'll see how to reuse your Vue components in a Rails project with less coding and harness the component options, as well as how to use props, events and slots of Vue components. 

You'll also use webpacker to set up your project and pass data from your Vue component to a Rails controller and back. Finally, you’ll learn which is the best configuration for the router and how to test and deploy your application.

What You'll Learn
  • Use Vue and Rails together to improve products
  • Build a web app with a focus on developer happiness
  • Take a pragmatic approach to web app development with practical code examples 
  • Save time configuring Vue and Rails
  • Control and manage states in a Vue on Rails project 

You'll Learn


Richard LaFranchi

Software Engineer, Skier, Husband, Father

Bryan Lim

Has been a Rails developer since 2009. He is one of the contributors to Rails’ webpacker project. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computing and a master’s degree in Business Analytics from National University of Singapore. He runs a small software consultancy firm and is based in Singapore.