Yaroslav Shmarov


Hi, I'm Yaroslav, a Ruby on Rails Developer and Teacher.

10 years ago I started out by building language school management "software" in MS Access for family's business. I knew there should be a better way in "the magic world of programming", so I spent years learning until I finally released my first real software product, that the school has been running on since 2015.

Today I develop commercial CRM and SaaS applications with Ruby on Rails. I've also won 7 hackathons building fascinating projects with this technology!

Nowadays, thanks to online courses like this one you don't need years of theory to start creating meaningful software.

I love Ruby on Rails for it's simplicity and speed of development: you have the frontend, backend and server all in one place and you don't have to learn a lot of different technologies to make software that just works.

I believe in learning by practice.
Learning by building professional-grade real world applications is fun and much more rewarding, than learning theory. In the end, you get paid not for what you know, but for what you create. I will teach you to create.

For me, building software is like an art and a passion. Like an architect, you design a perfect solution. Like a sculpture, you shape the way the person perceives it.

Being a software engineer can be rewarding, both financially and mentally.