What's this about?

A weekly discussion about Ruby, Rails, and software development involving the Top End Devs in the community and around the world.


Peter Cooper

programmer, newsletter publisher, developer industry analyst, cyberexplorer, dall-e 2 and midjourney whisperer

Charles Max Wood

Join us for podcasts, meetups, conferences, and learn to become a top 1% developer at https://topenddevs.com.

Dave Kimura

Christian, Husband, Father and Rubyist, Screencaster of @driftingruby, Panelist on @rubyrogues, Creator of http://rubidium.io, Makes and loves 

Valentino Stoll

I'm a Ruby developer. My primary drive is maintaining the open-source project git-reflow. I am in the process of extracting the custom git command functionality into it's own gem git-commander and hope to release an open source workflow to make it easier to manage OSS contributions.

Gregory Brown

Gregory Brown has run the independently published Practicing Ruby journal since 2010, and is the original author of the popular Prawn PDF generation library.

In his consulting projects, Gregory has worked with key stakeholders in companies of all sizes to identify core business problems that can be solved with as little code as possible.