Effective Testing with RSpec 3

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Start by learning the basics of installing and using RSpec. Then build a real-world JSON API, using RSpec throughout the process to drive a BDD-style outside-in workflow. Apply an effective test strategy to write fast, robust tests that support evolutionary design through refactoring. The rest of the book provides the definitive guide to RSpec's components. Use rspec-core's metadata to slice and dice your spec suite. 

Dig into rspec-expectations' matchers: compose them in flexible ways, specify expected outcomes with precision, and diagnose problems quickly with the help of good failure messages. Write fast, isolated tests with rspec-mocks' test doubles while pushing your code toward simpler interfaces.

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Myron Marston

A longtime Ruby programmer, has led the development of RSpec since 2012. He works as a senior software engineer at Moz in Seattle. 

Erin Dees

Well, hello there! I'm Erin, a programmer, author, and coach living in Ontario. (You may know me by a different first name, but I've been answering to “Erin” since 2017.)

One of my favorite things to do—whether the activity is programming, cooking, board games, or race walking—is to immerse myself in a skill and then share what I've learned.

For something technical like software testing, this means writing books such as Effective Testing With RSpec 3

For physical skills like race walking, it means coaching teams of athletes.