Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec

What's this about?

Have you gotten your hands dirty with a Rails application or two, but lack reliable test coverage? Does your application testing consist of a series of browser clicks, hoping you cover everything? Or do you just cross your fingers and hope for the best that everything will just work?

Don't worry, everyone has been there at some point--and while testing and test-driven development are important aspects of Rails development, many tutorials gloss over these components. In Everyday Rails Testing with RSpec, I'll show you how I got past that hurdle, increasing my code's trustworthiness and saving untold time in browser-based testing.

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Aaron Sumner

 I've been developing for the web since 1994, moving from static HTML to Applescript(!) to Perl to PHP and now to Ruby on Rails. In my blog, Everyday Rails, I show how I leverage tools from the Ruby ecosystem to be a productive developer, even when time and other resources are tight.