Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy

What's this about?

🚀 Launching your app feels incredible...but it's just the start! 

After you've shipped, you'll want to make sure you keep your app running in top condition!

This means monitoring, maintaining, and developing your app as time goes on to ensure it is always fast, up-to-date, stable and secure.

Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy is the complete course that teaches you how to design, build and set up your Ruby on Rails apps to make this essential work much easier.

As you work through each lesson, you'll get valuable tips, discover easy-to-implement best-practices, and learn how to set up tools and automated processes to monitor, maintain and improve your Ruby on Rails apps.

With this knowledge you'll be able to start paying back technical debt in your projects - and keep it from building up again.

Through this packed course, you'll learn how to...

  • Perform a quick health-check on your site to make sure pages are optimised and responsive.
  • Audit and Secure your app and its dependencies against vulnerabilities and outdated gems.
  • Check your code for known "code smells" - and how to fix them.
  • See how your code measures up against current Ruby and Rails code styles and best practice techniques. Your code becomes instantly easier to maintain.
  • Setup monitoring for all layers of your app, from uptime checking to code performance, and error reporting.
  • Automate and schedule ongoing checks of your app's health using everyday Ruby tools. Check with every commit, and rest assured that your code is in great condition.
  • Automate Your Infrastructure Configuring a basic server for your app with Ansible, to make managing your infrastructure simply and consistent.
  • Making and Managing Backups How to set up automated, encrypted off–site backups for your app's critical data.
  • Smart Notifications Setting up a notification strategy for monitoring all layers of your app.
  • Use Object storage to handle your app's content and assets off-site, and reduce dependencies. (Download this chapter for free)
  • Learn the basics of using Docker to containerise your app for development.
  • Protecting your app by automating SSL and configuration in your app.
  • ...and much more (See full chapter list below)


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