Deployment from Scratch

What's this about?

Demystify running web applications in production. Learn the groundwork for setting up Linux virtual servers and containers. Provision web servers and databases. Stop guessing and learn from scratch.

I wrote the book for software engineers, programmers, indie hackers, and makers on the web. Inside I teach system administration, server provisioning, and deployment of web applications. It's designed to be both a good first exposure and a great second dive-in.

I use Ruby and Python for the examples, but you can follow easily even if you come from a different programming language background. More than 90% of the book is language-independent. I use Rocky Linux 8 and CentOS 8 as examples.


Josef Strzibny

A full stack web developer. I made and deployed my first commercial web applications during high school in 2008. I have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Applied Informatics. I have worked for Red Hat on the platform and developer experience teams as a Linux packager. I was a Red Hat Certified Engineer.