Responsible Rails

What's this about?

We, the Arkency team, saw much. We supervised >100 Rails projects, within 8 years. We are used to big amounts of money (millions a month) involved in our projects. We saw mistakes, and what’s more - we made mistakes. But we learned from them. Now we want to share our knowledge.

The book is a collective work, it’s written by multiple authors, everyone being an Arkency member with their own histories, preferences, and conclusions.

From Rails developers to Rails developers.

Thanks to this book:

  • You’ll know how to communicate professionally so you do not just solve the problems, but your client knows your significance
  • You’ll get a step-by-step execution on how to act when accident happens, so you’re prepared for every scenario
  • You’ll learn about 13 real-life stories, so you don’t need to experience them. Senior developers learn from their mistakes. Smarter ones learn from other’s mistakes too.
  • You’ll learn proven methods of analyzing and preventing problems.
  • You’ll develop good habits that will help you avoid emergencies.
  • You’ll know how to work on production environments with some helpful DevOps best practices.


Andrzej Krzywda

Andrzej Krzywda is the founder and CEO of Arkency, a Rails development company specializing in Domain-Driven Design (DDD).