The Ruby on Rails Performance Apocrypha

What's this about?

The world's foremost Ruby on Rails performance expert and maintainer of the popular Puma webserver, Nate Berkopec, has compiled 4 years of short-form writing into a single volume: The Ruby on Rails Performance Apocrypha.

Appropriate for both beginners and experts, this short book is an introduction to performance science and engineering, frontend performance, Ruby performance, and scaling. The Apocrypha is a fun ramble with a lot of tidbits and useful information scattered about.

This book covers useful and important topics in Ruby and Rails performance, such as:
  • Benchmarks for Rails Apps
  • Reading Flamegraphs
  • Microservices and Trends
  • Why is Ruby Slow?
  • Popularity
  • Page Weights and Frontend Load Times
  • What is the GVL?
  • Reproducing Issues Locally
  • Worker Killers
  • Multi-threading
  • Read Replicas
  • .and much more.


Nate Berkopec

A Ruby performance guy. Nate appeared on Shark Tank, ABC's primetime entrepreneurship show, when he was nineteen years old. He's worked at several startups over the years, and now writes a blog about performance-related Ruby topics.

Nate is a contributor to several open source projects, such as Ruby on Rails and Sentry. He has been a speaker at RubyFuza, RubyKaigi, GORUCO, RubyConf, and RailsConf.