What's this about?

This course is for Ruby on Rails developers who have tried StimulusReflex and/or CableReady and want to take a deeper look into advanced patterns, tooling, and integration.

You will learn:

  • How to handle forms in StimulusReflex
  • How to use CableReady to supercharge your Import UI
  • How to use StimulusReflex in your Rails engines
  • How to use concerns/mixins to DRY up your reflexes
  • How to conceptualize and display streams (activity streams, dashboards, webhooks etc.)
  • How to properly authorize your reflex actions
  • How to implement Optimistic UIs
  • What websocket security means
  • How to implement lazy loading

Bonus content (included in Premium Package):

  • How to scale ActionCable
  • Where the boundaries between Hotwire and StimulusReflex lie, and how they collaborate to implement complex UIs
  • How to profile slow reflexes

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