Efficient Rails

What's this about?

Efficient Rails gives you actionable upgrades to your workflow you can put into practice right now.

Learn all the best shortcuts and tools for crafting elegant Rails apps. Whether you're just learning Rails or have been using it for years, Efficient Rails will save you time and make you a happier developer.

100+ Workflow Upgrades. Each can be learned in as little as 5 minutes, but will save you hours over time.

A Workflow Upgrade is a way to do something you're already doing, but better. Usually, faster and with fewer steps. These upgrades will make you look feel like a superhero when that person looking over your shoulder asks "how did you do that?!"


Andrew Allen

I’m a full-stack Rails developer in San Francisco. I've worked with companies big and small to ship mission critical products under tight deadlines and I use the tools and processes covered in Efficient Rails every day to make me more productive.