Learning Rails 5

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If you’re a web developer or designer ready to learn Ruby on Rails, this hands-on guide is the ideal way to get started. Rather than toss you into the middle of the framework’s Model-View-Controller architecture, as many books do, Learning Rails 5 begins with the foundations of the Web you already know.

You’ll learn how to create something visible with Rails’ view layer before diving into the more difficult inner layers: the database models and controller code. All you need to begin your Rails journey is HTML experience. Each chapter includes exercises and review questions to test your understanding as you go.
  • Present content by building an application with a basic view and a simple controller
  • Build forms and process their results, progressing from simple to more complex
  • Use Rails scaffolding and REST to build effective applications quickly
  • Connect forms to models and create code that maps directly to database structures
  • Build applications that combine data from multiple tables
  • Use migrations to track changes to your database over time
  • Add common elements such as sessions, cookies, and authentication

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