Rails: Novice to Ninja

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Unlike other Rails books, this book doesn't assume that you are an experienced web developer, or that you've used Ruby before. An entire chapter is devoted to learning Ruby in a fun way, using the interactive Ruby console, so you can follow along at home. You'll be an accomplished Ruby programmer in no time! You'll then start using Rails to build a practical, working project: a Reddit-like social news application. 

As you'll build the app, you'll gain valuable experience of using Rails features such as user authentication, session cookies, and automated testing. The book finishes with chapters on debugging, benchmarking and deployment to a live web server.

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Patrick Lenz

Has been developing web applications for 10 years. As well as being the founder and lead developer of the freshmeat.net software portal, his Rails consultancy and application development company, limited overload, was responsible for a major relaunch of eins.de, which is now one of the most popular Ruby on Rails sites in Europe.