The little RSpec book

What's this about?

Are you struggling with testing your Ruby code, or are you dissatisfied with the quality and coverage of your current tests? Look no further, as our RSpec ebook can help you solve those issues and become an RSpec testing expert!

Our ebook also covers the pain points that teams often face when they're not familiar enough with RSpec. We'll help you learn how to use RSpec's mocking and stubbing functionality to test code in isolation. We'll also show you how to use FactoryBot to create test data easily and in a reusable way without creating a mess.

Our guide is the perfect resource for those new to RSpec, as well as for those looking to brush up on their skills. We provide comprehensive coverage of the essential topics and cover the most common pain points that teams face when testing Ruby code.

With our ebook, you'll be able to:
  • Understand the fundamentals of RSpec syntax and standard matchers
  • Create custom matchers that better suit your testing needs
  • Use RSpec's mocking and stubbing functionality to test code in isolation
  • Use FactoryBot to create test data easily and in a reusable way without creating a mess
  • Improve your test coverage and quality, avoiding gaps in testing and test flakiness
  • Maintain your tests more effectively, reducing time and effort

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Thomas Riboulet

Thomas Riboulet

With 14+ years of experience in front-end and back-end software, on-premise, and cloud infrastructure, Thomas can assist companies of all sizes to create an MVP, growing one into a full-featured fleet of services, hosting in the cloud, or growing and managing the team to do it. He is passionate about assisting companies in reaching their objectives and is eager to lend his expertise.

Thomas is a Fractional Tech Lead, CTO, and Tech Advisor with over 10 years of experience in Ruby and Cloud infrastructure. He believes in doing things properly for the benefit of the user and customer. He has been a Consultant since 2017, building and supporting teams through their growth and providing software and cloud infrastructure engineering services to clients.

Thomas's main technologies include Ruby, Python, AWS, GCP, and Terraform. He provides training and mentoring on various topics such as TDD, incident response, and product management.

Prior to his consulting work, Thomas worked as a Site Reliability Engineer and Head of Engineering. In those roles he led efforts to build an in-house team, grow products, and build and consolidate infrastructure on AWS. He also wrote articles for GNU Linux magazine and his blog for many years.