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Are you fresh out of a Ruby on Rails boot camp and looking to polish your skills? Did you recently transition to a Ruby gig from another programming language?

Flawless Ruby is the course after the intro-to-Ruby course. Deepen your understanding of Ruby's style, expressiveness, and unique idioms with 24 lessons
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Avdi Grimm

I’ve been a professional developer for over twenty years. Over the course of my career I’ve worked on everything from aerospace embedded systems to enterprise web applications. I’m a consulting pair-programmer, the author of several popular Ruby programming books, and a recipient of the Ruby Hero award for service to the Ruby community. Since I’ve been been helping developers deepen their coding practice at Graceful.Dev (formerly RubyTapas.com).

I specialize in taking what I learn, synthesizing it, and sharing it in forms that are helpful to the team, the organization, and to the global community of developers. I’m particularly interested in building graceful systems: rich symmathesies of both people and software that have the capacity to accommodate and adapt to surprises.  My work encompasses talks, books, courses, screencasts, articles, newsletters, podcasts, pair-programming-as-a-service, consulting, and more.